No bake lemon cheesecake

This is my favourite super simple no bake cheesecake recipe ! It’s one that the girls really like to help with especially licking the utensils afterwards!

From start to finish it takes around 10/20 minutes and used very few ingredients obviously you could adapt this and change the flavour! You could add Oreos , strawberries the list is endless!


For the base /.

160g biscuits ( I used digestives you could use shortbread or similar). 60g butter (melted)

Cheesecake mix/.

300ml double cream 300g cream cheese Zest of 3 lemons juice of 2 and a half lemons 100g caster sugar

1. Bash your biscuits i just pop them in a bowl and crush with the bottom of the cup. 2. Melt your butter

3. Mix together the crushed biscuits and melted butter. Then push this firmly into a cake tin again I use the bottom of a cup. Pop into the fridge whilst you make the cheesecake mix.

4. Zest & juice your lemons & leave to one side

5. Whip up your double cream until it forms soft peaks.

6. Add your cream cheese caster sugar zest and juice of lemon into the double cream and mix until it is of a thick consistency.

7. Place half the mixture on top of the biscuit base pushing down to ensure there is no gaps. Then add the rest of the mixture smoothing down the top

8. Place in the fridge for at least 2 hours ! Once removed I just popped some lemon curd over the top you could add swirls of cream with lemons or anything you fancy

Why I love my post partum body

Where to start with this blog. Have I always loved my post partum body? No definitely not I remember a month or so after having Ottilie Nicos looked after the girls so I could go and get some new clothes. I went to a good few shops and everything I tried on just looked absolutely awful. I stood in the changing room and cried for a good ten minutes I was absolutely horrified at how my body looked.

But now a year or so later and I love my post partum body. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that our newest edition Hughie is a rainbow baby as we had a miscarriage before him.

The miscarriage definitely put it all into perspective for me. I don’t know how to explain it but something just clicked I realised how lucky I was to carry another baby. The stretch marks and wobbly bits held my children and kept them safe.

I have achieved so much more with my new body than my old one. I have made three lives and one little star. Our bodies should be celebrated and admired for what they can do. Yes some people bounce straight back but this really is a very small minority, yes our bodies change a lot it’s scary, it’s hard and you may feel absolutely disgusted but remember what your body had created.

It’s real and it’s normal.

Baby bjorn one air carrier

So I was kindly sent the Baby Bjorn one air carrier. I picked the vintage rose colour and it’s a beautiful dusky pink!

I’ve waited to write this so that I could try it out for a couple of weeks in order for me to give my honest opinion.

My first thoughts were that it seemed very well made , it also looked and felt so comfy!

It’s super easy to use you simply pop it over your head and then place your child in and sliding the buckles in to place. Also on the inner side of the carrier there are two height positions which you simply zip to change one for newborn (at least 3.5kg)

The wide and fully adjustable seat area ensures a comfortable and ergonomically correct position for your child’s hips.

It also has an option to back carry for your toddler or from 1 year plus!

I’ve been walking up hills, down hills and just general day to day use. To which I have found it’s super comfortable and doesn’t strain my back or suffocate me which my last carrier did! The wide straps ensure that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the carrier.

I would 100% recommended this carrier. It’s comfortable, looks stylish and can carry your child from newborn to 3 years ! So it’s such a good buy. Considering the amount of times you can use it!

my partner said “out of all the carriers that I have tried this is by far the most comfortable, not only for myself but the children too. You can see the high standards that have been put into making it as well. I would definitely recommend it.

Here’s the baby Bjorn website so you can have some more information on the carrier or just look at their other beautiful products

This is the cheapest place I’ve found it :

Emilias troll party

Emilia decided she wanted a troll party! So it was rainbows and glitter everywhere 🌈!

When looking around the shops I couldn’t really find any troll themed bits or anything I could make use of. So I did end up doing as much diy as possible!

On the table I put the cake, little sweet jars with tongs and bags! I also used a Kilner drinks dispenser with cups and straws! Also I found some fab little bits in Poundland. The fake grass table runners ( i used two they are quite small) and some of the jars I found reduced to 50p after Mother’s Day!

Above it I decided to pop a rainbow balloon garland and draw some troll houses using my little Brian art paint sticks!

We hired some soft play from a local company called em Ben ! The staff were very polite and helpful! They set it all up and took it all away! This made my life a lot less stressful.

I decided to attempt to make Emilias cake and for my first attempt it’s not too bad even if it’s a bit wonky ! But she loved it ! I did a rainbow cake inside and then decorated with more rainbows and of course trolls !

Weymouth sea life centre

We were kindly gifted tickets to Weymouth sea life centre in return for a blog post. Last time we went in November not a lot was open so I’m glad we got to go again and experience everything.

There’s so much to do, so many different tanks and a huge park which the girls loved. At the moment as it’s half term they have two activities you can take part in one is to help professor finn find the shark teeth he left in the bag and one is to find the Easter eggs to spell out a word.

We only did the shark teeth game as Emilia was able to understand that ( the teeth are big and bright so easily spotted for younger children)

Once we filled it all in we popped over to the wetland area. Where professor Finn was with lots of play-dough activities, and if you filled it all on correctly you were able to take a pot of play-dough home. Which again is great for children all ages.

They also had little activities you could participate in. Which you could get a pop badge if you did the task! Emilia was unsure at first but eventually touched a starfish and was given her badge! She now constantly tells everyone that she touched a starfish!

Perfect family fun day out with so many things to do even a little splash park !

Thank you Weymouth sea life centre

Only in the darkness can you see the light.

I honestly don’t know where or how to start this blog post. Everyday is a struggle, constantly wanting something you no longer have. I feel so guilty anytime I even say this or talk about my miscarriage. I know so many people can carry for so much longer and miscarriage so why should I feel so down when I was only 5 weeks.

But in those 5 weeks I loved you a lot. I made plans for you. I was so excited to see you grow, to watch the bond you would have with your sisters. Ridiculous right!

But it’s not ridiculous I am allowed to grieve. I may never get to hold you or see who you were meant to be, but you were mine and always will be.

Only in the darkness can you see the stars and that’s exactly what you are my little star. I still think about you constantly but I just need to remember it wasn’t meant to be and that’s what I struggle with the most.

Puxton park adventure farm

So today we decided to pop to Puxton park for the first time. As we payed the staff member wasn’t overly friendly and just passed across the leaflets and we went in.

First we went to see all of the animals. This was definitely Emilias favourite part. You can buy feed for a £1 a bag to feed to certain animals which it states on their pens.

As my girls are both under two overall there wasn’t really a lot that they could do. There was a little park, obviously the animals and then a small area of soft play. Which unfortunately states for under three but older children were just running around and pushing smaller ones out of the way. When I contacted a member of staff about this they resolved it very quickly.

Under twos do get in for free so potentially this may be why there isn’t a whole lot for them to do. Most of the on site activities are aimed at older children. I would go again but I would definitely say you’ll get more out of it if you take a child 5+


We have kindly be gifted a lollipop baby camera to try out.

The packing was really nicely presented and organised inside with the different components being individually boxed. It comes with illustrated instructions so it’s so simple to understand what you need to do to set it up and install it.

The lollipop baby camera connects through an app in your phone. What I found super handy was the fact that you can have the video on your phone or you could choose to just have the sound, you can check on them wherever whenever! Perfect for me as I constantly worry. You can play various music and white noise sounds through selecting them on the app.

The picture quality is great in light and dark. It also will notify you if it’s too noisy in the room or if your baby is crying. When this happens it also records a video snippet that you can watch back!

I would 100% recommend the lollipop baby camera and if you love to move rooms around the amount of times I do it’s even great for that too because you can twist it on to furniture or to stand or even pop it on the wall!

T W O U N D E R T W O •

I have to admit when I found out i was pregnant with Ottilie I had so many emotions. I was so happy Emilia would have someone to play with. A sister to cause trouble with , I’ll probably regret saying that in the future.

The one sentence I always hear is you must have your hands full. I’ve heard it from family , friends and more strangers than I can count. I even walked into the doctors to which he stood up and said they can’t both be yours and no matter how many times I said yes they are , he for some reason refused to believe me.

Of course I couldn’t agree more I do have my hands full , it’s one massive juggle but it’s something that I wouldn’t change. To see how their relationship has grown is just an amazing thing to observe and be a part of.

There are so many highs and also a lot of lows. It’s non stop right up until bedtime , it’s stressful trying to manage looking after two children but doing everything else that needs to be done in between. Emilia will happily be playing and along comes Ottilie to try and play. Although Emilia doesn’t see it that way.

The washing pile has definitely doubled, the nappies have certainly doubled maybe even tripled two under two isn’t easy some days it’s very stressful , that being said I really wouldn’t change it.

They’re the best thing I’ve ever achieved and I’d do it all over again.

C H E W Y M O O N •

We have kindly been sent a chewy moon snack box to try out. Well I say we but Emilia was a big fan of this idea and wouldn’t share with anyone. So chewy moon is this fab snack subscription box that gets delivered straight to your door from as little as £5.48 per week.

You get perfectly portioned snacks that are created by nutritionists and 100% natural. You can choose all sorts of plans over on their website

Emilia received

•raspberry fingers

•vanilla biccies

•popped cheddar

•carrot orange wedges

•strawberry stars

As I said above I wasn’t allowed anywhere near them she’d put them near my mouth then take it away and say “no no no” to which she proceeded to eat them all and tell me how yummy they really were.

They also add a lovely little touch of collectable cards to play with and a nutrition slip inside each box to tell you all about the ingredients.