B A B Y C U P R E V I E W •

over the past week we have been trying out Www.babycup.co.uk baby cups. They are mini open cups for babies and young children, to encourage sipping instead of sucking. By doing this it stimulates the correct jaw and facial growth which then also helps to avoid crooked teeth and orthodontic problems.

Both Emilia and Ottilie can now use them and I have to admit, it made me so emotional. For the longest time I’ve wanted Emilia to drink from an open cup but they were all always too big. I never thought that my 7 month old could drink from one as well.

The girls now have them at every meal time and I’m so pleased as not only do they promote healthy teeth but also good orthodontics, baby talk and fine motor skills. They’re also made in the uk , BPA and phthalates free.

I just wish I found these when Emilia was younger. I can’t recommend them enough!

sip sip hooray !

Published by minisandtheirmama.

I’m Hannah 26 living in Somerset I have three children Emilia who is 2 Ottilie who is 1 And Hughie our rainbow baby !

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