We have kindly be gifted a lollipop baby camera to try out.

The packing was really nicely presented and organised inside with the different components being individually boxed. It comes with illustrated instructions so it’s so simple to understand what you need to do to set it up and install it.

The lollipop baby camera connects through an app in your phone. What I found super handy was the fact that you can have the video on your phone or you could choose to just have the sound, you can check on them wherever whenever! Perfect for me as I constantly worry. You can play various music and white noise sounds through selecting them on the app.

The picture quality is great in light and dark. It also will notify you if it’s too noisy in the room or if your baby is crying. When this happens it also records a video snippet that you can watch back!

I would 100% recommend the lollipop baby camera and if you love to move rooms around the amount of times I do it’s even great for that too because you can twist it on to furniture or to stand or even pop it on the wall!

Published by minisandtheirmama.

I’m Hannah 26 living in Somerset I have three children Emilia who is 2 Ottilie who is 1 And Hughie our rainbow baby !

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