Puxton park adventure farm

So today we decided to pop to Puxton park for the first time. As we payed the staff member wasn’t overly friendly and just passed across the leaflets and we went in.

First we went to see all of the animals. This was definitely Emilias favourite part. You can buy feed for a £1 a bag to feed to certain animals which it states on their pens.

As my girls are both under two overall there wasn’t really a lot that they could do. There was a little park, obviously the animals and then a small area of soft play. Which unfortunately states for under three but older children were just running around and pushing smaller ones out of the way. When I contacted a member of staff about this they resolved it very quickly.

Under twos do get in for free so potentially this may be why there isn’t a whole lot for them to do. Most of the on site activities are aimed at older children. I would go again but I would definitely say you’ll get more out of it if you take a child 5+

Published by minisandtheirmama.

I’m Hannah 26 living in Somerset I have three children Emilia who is 2 Ottilie who is 1 And Hughie our rainbow baby !

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