Hipp organic follow on milk

* This is an ad I have been compensated for my work however all opinions are my own*

Hughie is 10 months old now. Walking , talking and growing so much every single day. So we started looking in to what follow on milk we should use.

There are so many it really is hard to know which one is going to give him the best amount of nutrients. Whilst he was starting his weaning journey but also ensuring he is getting what he needs as he grows.

So i did lots of research and found Hipp organic follow on milk. They are the UK number one organic follow on milk. Containing vitamins A C D & iron which contribute to a normal functioning immune system.

Which means it goes alongside weaning and helping towards a balanced and nutritional diet. Hughie has 2 daytime bottles , a bottle at bedtime and sometimes more through the night. That all depends on if he feels like sleeping. The follow on milk comes in a powder form but also ready made bottles which as you can imagine are super handy for those sleepy night time feeds.

We simply pop it into his sterilised bottle and then into a bottle warmer to ensure it’s warmed correctly for his night times feeds. Then during the day make his bottles up as per the instructions which you can find on the back of the pack.

Hipp also ensure that no pesticides are used in pastures where their cows graze. They’ve been around for over 60 years and you can tell that they’ve done their research into what ingredients are best and how to get the most from the milk they are providing for our little ones. They also ensure that their milk is a sustainable choice as all of the packaging is recyclable excluding the foil bags.

IMPORTANT / Follow On Milk should only be used as part of a mixed diet and not as a breastmilk substitute before 6 months. Please contact your health professionals for anymore advice

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I’m Hannah 26 living in Somerset I have three children Emilia who is 2 Ottilie who is 1 And Hughie our rainbow baby !

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