ᴬᵈ Is using a soother going to affect my babies teeth?

When pregnant with all of my children I’ve searched the internet for hours of what I should and shouldn’t use for them. One of the topics that kept popping up was is using a soother good or bad for your child. The main things that were mentioned is that your child could become very attachedContinue reading “ᴬᵈ Is using a soother going to affect my babies teeth?”

No bake lemon cheesecake

This is my favourite super simple no bake cheesecake recipe ! It’s one that the girls really like to help with especially licking the utensils afterwards! From start to finish it takes around 10/20 minutes and used very few ingredients obviously you could adapt this and change the flavour! You could add Oreos , strawberriesContinue reading “No bake lemon cheesecake”

Why I love my post partum body

Where to start with this blog. Have I always loved my post partum body? No definitely not I remember a month or so after having Ottilie Nicos looked after the girls so I could go and get some new clothes. I went to a good few shops and everything I tried on just looked absolutelyContinue reading “Why I love my post partum body”

Only in the darkness can you see the light.

I honestly don’t know where or how to start this blog post. Everyday is a struggle, constantly wanting something you no longer have. I feel so guilty anytime I even say this or talk about my miscarriage. I know so many people can carry for so much longer and miscarriage so why should I feelContinue reading “Only in the darkness can you see the light.”